469px-Viridian Forest FRLG
Viridian Forest is going to be your first 'dungeon', and will host your first battles against trainers. They're not very hard, as by this time you should have Pokémon around Level 9 or so, but try to be careful because most of them have Weedles, which have a high chance (30%) of poisoning you with Poison Sting. If one of your Pokémon ever does get poisoned, just give it an Antidote and it'll be right as rain!

There are many items within Viridian Forest; however, as the Project NuzlockeDex Wiki currently lacks the proper templates to denote obtainable items, please refer to the Viridian Forest Bulbapedia page.

Possible CatchesEdit

Red: Caterpie (5%), Metapod (5%), Weedle (50%), Kakuna (35%), Pikachu (5%)

Blue: Caterpie (50%), Metapod (35%), Weedle (5%), Kakuna (5%), Pikachu (5%)

Yellow: Caterpie (55%), Metapod (20%), Pidgey (24%), Pidgeotto (1%)

FireRed: Caterpie (40%), Weedle (40%), Kakuna (10%), Metapod (5%), Pikachu (5%)

LeafGreen: Caterpie (40%), Weedle (40%), Metapod (10%), Kakuna (5%), Pikachu (5%)

Protip: Antidotes are not completely necessary, as you can keep a Pokémon alive long enough with Potions until you get to a Pokemon Center. Just keep an eye on its health as you walk along.