Vermilion City FRLG

Vermilion is probably the most interactive town yet (if that means anything). There's the Pokémon Fan Club where you can listen to a furry talk about the Chairman's Rapidash - he will give you the Bike Voucher which allows you to get a bike from Cerulean City for free (except for the time you spend skipping through his story). There is a man in one of the houses who will give you a Farfetch'd if you give him a Spearow. In Yellow, a policewoman in the southern part of the city will give you a Squirtle after you defeat Lt. Surge. You can also get the Old Rod from the Fishing Guru. To the right of the town is Route 11 and to the north is Route 6. After you're done with all that jazz, you should hop aboard the S.S. Anne and fight all the trainers in there. At the end you will fight your rival for the fourth time. Upon kicking him to the curb...of the boat...yeah, you can go upstairs and find the sea captain. The landlubber has shaky legs and is feeling all nauseous, but give him a few pats on the back and he will give you HM01 Cut. Now you can cut the bush outside the gym and take on Lieutenant Surge.  

You can also ride the Seagallop Ferries to the Sevii Islands when you have defeated Blaine and gotten the Volcano Badge (oh, and there's also a truck to the right of the S.S. Anne but that place is impossible to get to in a Nuzlocke - it involves whiting out, so it's not worth the novelty and Lava Cookie). 

Vermilion GymEdit

The Vermilion Gym Page for FR/LG is here. The R/B/Y page will be linked here when it's been published

Possible CatchesEdit


Red & Blue:

Old Rod - Magikarp (100%)

Good Rod - Poliwag (50%), Goldeen (50%)

Super Rod - Shellder (50%), Krabby (50%)


Old Rod - Magikarp (100%)

Good Rod - Poliwag (50%), Goldeen(50%)

Super Rod - Tentacool (90%), Horsea (10%)


Old Rod - Magikarp (100%)

Good Rod - Horsea (60%), Krabby (20%), Magikarp (20%)

Super Rod - Horsea (44%), Shellder (40%), Gyarados (15%), Psyduck (1%)


Old Rod - Magikarp (100%)

Good Rod - Horsea (20%), Krabby (60%), Magikarp (20%)

Super Rod - Horsea (4%), Staryu (40%), Gyarados (15%), Krabby (40%), Slowpoke (1%)


Red, Blue, and Yellow: None

FireRed: Tentacool (100%)

LeafGreen: Tentacool (100%)



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