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Kanto Route 3 FRLG
Route 3 is going to be your first 'challenging' route. With many unavoidable trainers and strong wild Pokémon to boot, this route can be hard, but, since you've beaten Brock by now, you'll be able to handle it. At the end of the route there is also a Pokémon Center next to the entrance to Mt. Moon. There is a man in the Pokémon Center who is selling an awesome Level 5 Magikarp for 500 Poké Dollars. It's a bargain, but remember that this Pokémon Center is technically on the split Route 4, so if you buy this Magikarp, then you won't be able to get a catch in the patch of grass near the exit of Mt. Moon.

Tough Trainers Youngster Ben: Rattata (Lv11), Ekans (Lv11); Youngster Calvin: Spearrow(Lv14)

Possible CatchesEdit

Red and Blue: Pidgey (50%), Spearow (40%), Jigglypuff (10%)

Yellow: Rattata (15%), Spearow (55%), Sandshrew (15%), Mankey (15%)

FireRed: Spearow (35%), Pidgey (30%), Mankey (10%), Nidoran♂ (14%), Jigglypuff (10%), Nidoran♀(1%)

LeafGreen: Spearow(35%), Pidgey(30%), Mankey(10%), Nidoran♂(1%), Jigglypuff(10%) and Nidoran♀(14%)

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