This route is divided into two different paths, a top one and a bottom one. The top path is the way to go if you want to catch a Pokemon or go to Fuchsia City. The bottom path leads to a bunch of trainers.

Tough TrainersEdit

The bikers have Weezings and Koffings, so watch out for self destructions, and there is a Karate Duo with a Hitmonchan and a Hitmonlee, with both having Black Belts. It's a double battle so prepare yourself before hand.

Possible CatchesEdit

Red: Pidgey (15%), Pidgeotto (5%), Oddish (40%), Gloom (5%), Venonat (20%) and Ditto (15%).

Blue: Pidgey (15%), Pidgeotto (5%), Venonat (20%), Bellsprout (40%), Weepinbell (5%) and Ditto (15%).

Yellow: Pidgeotto (10%), Oddish (35%), Gloom (5%), Venonat (19%), Venomoth (1%), Bellsprout (25%) and Weepinbell (5%).

Firered: Oddish (35%), Venonat (30%), Pidgey (20%), Pidgeotto (5%), Gloom (5%) and Ditto (5%).

Leafgreen: Bellsprout (35%), Venonat (30%), Pidgey (20%), Pidgeotto (5%), Weepinbell (5%) and Ditto (5%).



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