This route is really nothing more then a glorified expansion of Route 13. Going down and to the left will lead you to trainers and Route 15.

Tough TrainersEdit

All the bikers have Koffing. In Red, Blue and Yellow they're below the level to learn self destruct but in gen 3 they made Koffing learn SD earlier so it's still a threat. Other than that it's just bird trainers.

Possible CatchesEdit

According to Bulbapedia, you can fish on the blocked off water in Red, Blue and Yellow. Only problem is it's blocked off. So I'm not going to bother doing water encounters.

Red: Pidgey (15%), Pidgeotto (5%), Oddish (40%), Gloom (5%), Venonat (20%) and Ditto (15%).

Blue: Pidgey, (15%) Pidgeotto (5%), Venonat (20%), Bellsprout (40%), Weepinbell (5%) and Ditto (15%).

Yellow: Pidgeotto (10%), Oddish (35%), Gloom (5%), Venonat (19%), Venomoth (1%), Bellsprout (25%), Weepinbell (5%).

Firered: Oddish (35%), Venonat (30%), Ditto (15%), Pidgey (10%), Pidgeotto (5%) and Gloom (5%).

Leafgreen: Bellsprout (35%), Venonat (30%), Ditto (15%), Pidgey (10%), Pidgeotto (5%) and Weepinbell (5%).



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