Kanto Route 10 FRLG
This is a rather relaxing route and with a small patch of grass and a Pokemon Center. It's a good place to prepare yourself for the challenge that is Rock Tunnel, which is directly up ahead. You don't technically have to use Cut to get past the trees, since there's a little gap down at the bottom of the top part of the route. There's only one trainer on the first part of this route, but the section after Rock Tunnel has several more, so watch out.

Hey, what's that electricty in the air? That's the Power Plant down to the south. Just Surf on down there and go and see what's inside. However, you need to have first obtained HM03 Surf and the Soul Badge from Koga in order to do so.

Possible CatchesEdit


Red: Spearow (30%), Ekans (25%), Voltorb (45%)

Blue: Spearow (30%), Sandshrew (25%), Voltorb (45%)

Yellow: Rattata (15%), Raticate (5%), Nidoran♀(10%), Nidoran♂ (10%), Machop (5%), Magnemite (55%)

FireRed: Voltorb (40%), Spearow (35%), Ekans (25%)

LeafGreen: Voltorb (40%), Spearow (35%), Sandshrew (25%)


Red & Blue:

Old Rod: Magikarp (100%)

Good Rod: Poliwag (50%), Goldeen(50%)

Super Rod: Poliwhirl (50%), Slowpoke(50%)


Old Rod: Magikarp (100%)

Good Rod: Poliwag (50%), Goldeen (50%)

Super Rod: Krabby (70%), Kingler (10%), Horsea (20%)


Old Rod: Magikarp (100%)

Good Rod: Horsea (60%), Krabby (20%), Magikarp (20%)

Super Rod: Horsea (84%), Gyarados (15%), Psyduck (1%)


Old Rod: Magikarp (100%)

Good Rod: Horsea (20%), Krabby (60%), Magikarp (20%)

Super Rod: Krabby (84%), Gyarados (15%), Slowpoke (1%)


Red, Blue and Yellow: None.

FireRed and Leafgreen: Tentacool (100%)



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