Pallet Town FRLG

Route 1 is fairly short and, thanks to the ledges, even shorter on the way back. It's also where you can get your first Pokémon after giving the parcel (see Viridian City page) to Oak. After the first patch of grass, you can find a Poké Mart clerk standing around giving people free Potions to promote the Viridian City Poké Mart. There's no reason not to talk to him to get that free Potion, especially if you used the one from your PC in the rival battle. 

Possible CatchesEdit

Red & Blue: Pidgey (55%), Rattata (45%)

Yellow: Pidgey (70%), Rattata (30%)

Gold,Silver & Crystal: Morning/Day: Pidgey (45%), Rattata (30%), Sentret (20%), Furret (5%)

Night: Rattata (55% in GS, 50% in Crystal), Hoothoot (45%), Raticate (5%, Crystal only)

FireRed & LeafGreen: Pidgey (50%), Rattata (50%)

HeartGold & SoulSilver: Morning/Day: Pidgey (45%), Rattata (30%), Sentret (20%), Furret (5%)

Night: Rattata (55%), Hoothoot (45%)

Swarm: Poochyena (40%)

Special Pokemon: Plusle (20%, Hoenn Sound), Minun (20%, Hoenn Sound), Shinx (40%, Sinnoh Sound)



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