Now, Rayquaza is the cover Legendary of Pokemon Emerald, and is available there.

...At level 70.

This Legendary is catchable as soon as the weather distortions go after awakening Rayquaza from Sky Pillar.After the crisis is complete, you can return to Sky Pillar, and after getting through the floor puzzle, Rayquaza will be waiting for you at Sky Pillar, at level 70.If you have Repelled your way here, you can chuck that Master Ball on turn 1, or you could capture it the normal way.Your choice.Once captured, however, this Pokemon can solo the rest of the game without any grinding or support from other team memebers.It outlevels the Champion with a 10+ level advantage.It is an absolute monster in-game, and if you decide to fight Steven, it can handle him pretty easily,even with a level-disadvantage, with some set-up and the right moves.If you believe that your team is ill-prepared, or cannot grind right now, this Pokemon is for you.

Although, some of you might be dissatisfied with using a level 70 Legendary...