Announcement: ProjectNuzlockeDex Wikia Revamps

Hello everyone, I am TechBlaze and you may know me as Xerxos's friend that has been helping to improve the Project NuzlockeDex wiki.

The reason I am making this announcement is to try out this Community-corner feature to see if it will be useful for communicating with people who wish to contribute to this wiki.

As such, this will be a short announcement, but anyway, welcome to the Project NuzlockeDex Wiki!

hey this is xerxos here we really need to figure out how to make bots to add links and categories and stuff cause i really can't keep track of all of those

December 10, 2014 Update: If you're going to create a page that contains an analysis of either a Pokémon or a Boss, please visit this link and use the templates there to create your page. This is the best way we can avoid formatting errors. Simply copy the empty template, which is essentially just a uniVersil page skeleton, and paste it into your page's source editor. Then, just fill in the blanks. It makes life a lot easier for you, since you don't have to format everything by yourself, and it makes life a lot easier for the reviewers, since it'll save us from having to fix the format.