Overview Edit

Mauville Gym RS

Mauville Gym in R/S

Mauville Gym E

Mauville Gym in Emerald

Wattson is the Gym Leader of the Mauville Gym. He uses Electric-types.

In Ruby and Sapphire, Wattson has a Voltorb that is Level 20 and knows Spark, Rollout, Sonicboom, and Selfdestruct, a Magnemite that is Level 22 and knows ThunderShock, Thunder Wave, Sonicboom, and Supersonic, and a Level 23 Magneton that knows Shock Wave, Thunder Wave, Sonicboom, and Supersonic.

In Emerald, his Voltorb knows Shock Wave instead of Sonicboom and replaces his Magnemite with an Electrike that knows Quick Attack, Leer, Howl, and Shock Wave and a Manectric that knows Quick Attack, Howl, Thunder Wave, and Shock Wave. Upon defeat, Wattson gives out the Dynamo Badge, and TM34 Shock Wave.

Tips for beating Wattson Edit

  • Wattson RSE

    Wattson's R/S/E Sprite

    Use Your Starter's STAB (Marshtomp and Combusken only): Marshtomp's Mud Shot will annihilate this Gym. Combusken's Double Kick and Ember will hurt the pesky Magnemite and Magneton hard.
  • Bring lots of Parlyz Heals: Being an Electric Gym, this should be a given.
  • Pack an Electric resist: STAB Shock Wave hits HARD off of the Special Attacks of Magneton (120) and Manectric (105).

Good Pokémon to Use Edit

  • Marshtomp - STAB Mud Shot destroys this Gym without any sort of trouble.
  • Combusken - Double Kick and Ember defeat Magnemite and Magneton easily.
  • Breloom - Resists Electric and hits hard with Mach Punch, especially the Magnemite and Magneton.
  • Gloom - Resists Electric and can make Magneton and Manectric easier to defeat with use of Sleep Powder or Stun Spore, or even PoisonPowder on Manectric.
  • Graveler - STAB Magnitude. That is all.
  • Shedinja - Is immune to every direct attack besides Voltorb's Rollout. Also be careful of Supersonic from Magnemite and Magneton.
  • Roselia - Almost the same as Gloom, except with better Special Defense and Special Attack.
  • Hariyama - STAB Vital Throw and great bulk make it great for this fight. Also doesn't mind Paralysis if it has Guts.