Overview Edit

417px-Mistralton Gym BW

Mistralton City Gym interior

Skyla is the Gym Leader of Mistralton City Gym. She uses Flying-types.

In Black/White she uses: Level 33 Swoobat with Amnesia, Assurance, Heart Stamp and Acrobatics, Level 33 Unfezant carrying Leer, Quick Attack, Air Slash and Razor Wind and a Level 35 Swanna running Aqua Ring, Aerial Ace, Air Slash and Bubblebeam. Upon defeat, she hands out the Jet Badge, TM62 Acrobatics and 4200 Pokédollars.

Tips for beating Skyla Edit

  • Spr BW Skyla

    Skyla's Black/White Sprite

    Bring an Electric-type: To quote Falkner, "People say you can clip Flying-type Pokémon's wings with a jolt of electricity", and does it ring true in a game where there is no Gligar/Gliscor for her to attempt to prevent a Galvantula/Zebstrika/Eelektross -- or even an Emolga --from plowing through her Pokémon with a STAB move of choice.
  • Remember that Swanna's a Water-type: While the first two will be flattened by Boldore/Gigalith or Crustle without a hitch, the threat of STAB Bubblebeam, with the low Speed of the rocks ensuring that Sturdy will have been broken by then makes fighting the swan a dangerous plan unless you saved your Sturdy rock for it. Remember, though, that fighting Swanna is a task better suited for an Electric-type. Its Water-typing also means that any Ice-type you're wielding is not getting an easy sweep either.

Good Pokémon to Use Edit

  • Any Electric-type, particularly Galvantula or Eelektross : Skyla's team utterly fails to provide any kind of answer to an Electric Pokémon, albeit that is the fault of the limited Pokédex in BW. The two listed above are less common than the other two suggested above (Zebstrika and Emolga), but are better options in the long term due to better coverage and stats.
  • Vanillish or Beartic: STAB Ice moves will flatten her first two Pokémon, although Swanna will be a bit problematic, due to only being neutral to the Ice Beams/Icicle Crashes thrown at it.
  • Insert Rock-type of choice: Gigalith and Crustle have powerful Rock attacks that can flatten all of her Pokémon. However, while Skyla's first two will fall with little resistance, Swanna's STAB Bubblebeam will pack a punch, especially with your Rock-type's low Speed meaning that if it has fought prior, Sturdy is likely to have been broken by chip damage from the first two fighters, resulting in Bubblebeam hammering their lower Special Defense and probably 2HKOing them (OHKOing with a crit).