Overview Edit

Oreburgh Gym DPPt

Oreburgh Gym in D/P/Pt

Roark is the Gym Leader of the Oreburgh Gym. He uses Rock-types.

In Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, Roark has a Geodude that is Level 12 and knows Stealth Rock and Rock Throw, an Onix that is Level 12 and knows Rock Throw, Screech, and Stealth Rock, and a Level 14 Cranidos that knows Headbutt, Pursuit, and Leer. Upon defeat, Roark gives out the Coal Badge, TM79 Stealth Rock, and 1680 Poké Dollars.

Tips for beating Roark Edit

  • Roark DPPt

    Roark's D/P/Pt Sprite

    Use Your Starter's STAB: Turtwig and Piplup have 4x effective STAB moves, and Chimchar should evolve into Monferno and learn Mach Punch upon evolving or Rock Smash after the fact.
  • Don't Switch: If your Pokemon isn't fast or strong enough to OHKO both Onix and Geodude, they will set up Stealth Rock, and depending on what Pokemon you want to use, it could hurt a lot. Alternatively, if you can and you did do so, don't switch out on Cranidos because an 80 BP Dark move at Level 14 coming off of a high Attack stat (Cranidos has the same base Attack stat as Gyarados) will most likely kill your withdrawn Pokémon.

Good Pokémon to Use Edit

  • Piplup - Piplup may only have Bubble at this point, but it still does 4x damage to the first two Pokémon. It should also outspeed Geodude.
  • Monferno - Monferno may be primarily Fire type, but without any Pokemon on Roark's side using Ground moves, it should easily take down his Pokémon with Mach Punch, even though they have high Defense stats.
  • Turtwig - Turtwig wields both Razor Leaf and Absorb by Level 14. Almost self-explanatory.
  • Psyduck - It learns Water Gun at Level 9, so also self-explanatory.
  • Geodude - If you overgrind a little bit, Geodude learns Magnitude at Level 15. It also resists every move Roark can use.
  • Machop - It's a Fighting-type. Need I say more?