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Humilau Gym B2W2

Humilau Gym in B2W2

Marlon is the Gym Leader of Humilau Gym. He uses Water-types.

In Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 he uses a Level 49 Carracosta with Smack Down, Shell Smash, Scald, and Crunch, a Level 49 Wailord with Amnesia, Scald, Rollout, and Bounce, and a Level 51 Jellicent with Brine, Recover, Scald, and Ominous Wind. The Jellicent holds a Sitrus Berry.

He gives 6120 Pokédollars, the Wave Badge, and TM55 Scald upon defeat.

Tips for beating Marlon Edit

  • Marlon B2W2

    Marlon's B2W2 Sprite

    Don't overlook Carracosta: Marlon's lead, a Level 49 Carracosta, has the unfortunate combination of Sturdy and Shell Smash, meaning it can survive any attack from full health and proceed to set up. There are a few ways to ensure that this potent combo doesn't allow Carracosta to wreak havoc on your team. One possible solution is to use something that can 2HKO it while also being able to outspeed it after a Shell Smash. Pokémon like Flygon, Serperior, Simisage, and Galvantula work excellently for this purpose. You can also try to burn it to break its Sturdy and proceed to KO it during the next turn; however, if you attempt this, you'll need a Pokémon that can stomach a +2 Scald.
  • Be able to deal with Scald burns: Whether you prefer Full Heals, Burn Heals, Rawst Berries, or just using Pokémon with Water Veil, you should definitely have a plan for dealing with burns. Scald's 30% burn chance is nasty, and an untimely burn can easily reverse the tide of a battle.
  • Avoid using something with below half health against Jellicent: A boosted Brine is something you'll definitely want to avoid. You won't have to worry about this if you take out Jellicent quickly, though - use strong physical moves to hit it on its lower Defense stat, and you'll probably be able to take it out before it proves itself to be too big of an issue.

Good Pokémon to Use Edit

  • Serperior - If you chose Snivy as your starter, you shouldn't have too much trouble against this gym. Having both Giga Drain and Leaf Blade is awesome, since Giga Drain will always bring Carracosta down to Sturdy (unless you're really, really unlucky) and Leaf Blade hits both Jellicent and the Amnesia-using Wailord very hard.
  • Jellicent - Water Absorb is amazing here, but Cursed Body Jellicent still puts in a lot of work. You have access to awesome moves like Energy Ball and Will-O-Wisp by now, both of which work excellently against Marlon's team. Your Jellicent will likely even be able to beat Marlon's own Jellicent, since his has Ominous Wind while yours has access to the vastly superior Shadow Ball.
  • Bulky Water- and Grass-types - They resist Scald, and most can retaliate for massive damage. Pokémon like Amoonguss, Ferrothorn, and Carracosta will likely perform well in this battle.