Overview Edit

Driftveil Gym Entrance BW

Driftveil Gym entrance


Driftveil Gym Interior

Driftveil Gym Bottom BW

Driftveil Gym Basement

Clay is the Gym Leader of Driftveil City Gym. He uses Ground-types.

In Black/White he uses: Level 29 Krokorok with Swagger, Torment, Crunch and Bulldoze. He also uses a Level 29 Palpitoad which carries Aqua Ring, Bubblebeam, Muddy Water and Bulldoze and a Level 31 Excadrill with Hone Claws, Slash, Rock Slide and Bulldoze. Upon defeat, he hands out the Quake Badge as well as TM78 Bulldoze and 3720 Pokédollars.

Tips for beating Clay Edit

  • Spr BW Clay

    Clay's Black/White sprite

    The game gives you the TM for Scald just before the Ground gym: Scald is an incredibly potent move in competitive play due to its high power and burn chance. Given that the majority of attacks aimed at whatever Water type you bring are going to be physical, the 30% chance of crippling his Pokémon while dealing a ton of damage, makes this move a valid replacement for any special water move you may have been using. Simipour and Dewott even get Grass Knot to crush Palpitoad instantly as well.
  • Fire Types and Excadrill don't mix: While Excadrill's Steel Typing may make it seem appealing to try and crack it with Heat Crash, Flame Burst or Fire Punch (From Pignite, Simisear and Darumaka respectively), it will either survive the hit or simply outspeed you and do stupid amounts of damage with Bulldoze/Rock Slide, most likely OHKOing your Pokémon.
  • Excadrill has base 135 attack and a boosting move Let's put this in perspective here, you're using mostly second stage or fully evolved Pokémon that lack a serious way of damaging the mole. Any attack from this if not resisted will hurt like hell unboosted. While Hone Claws is not as immediately threatening as Swords Dance, it still allows it to flatten anything slower than it (Bulldoze lowers speed) and while its bulk seems poor, at this stage it will take a couple of hits with ease, especially with hyper potion support.

Good Pokémon to Use Edit

  • Any Water type not named Ducklett or Frillish: One word, Scald. I may risk coming off as a broken record here but I cannot stress enough how valuable this move is in dealing with Clay, Special mentions go to Dewott and Simipour for also getting Grass Knot back in Pinwheel, for fast Palpitoad removal. The two I advise against using here have major issues, both have a lack in firepower compared to the other options at this point and STAB Crunch from Krokorok and Excadrill's Rock Slide will devastate these two.
  • Stoutland/Krokorok: With the main threat here being a extremely powerful physical attacker, having a Pokémon with Intimidate is a valuable resource. Both can handle his own Krokorok with STAB Return/Dig respectively and while Stoutland struggles to hurt Excadrill and Krokorok does not want to fight the Water type Palpitoad, both can nerf the threat posed by the tunnel king while Krokorok can go head to head with it with Stoutland overwhelming Palpitoad with the aforementioned STAB Return.
  • Insert Grass Type of choice here: Whimsicott can troll his entire team with prankster status inflicters while Giga Drain hurts, Lilligant can set on either Krokorok or Palpitoad due to Sleep Powder and Quiver Dance, Leavanny has a high attack to abuse Razor Leaf, (avoid Excadrill due to Rock Slide), Servine will have issues with the drill due to its low offensives but the other two are easy pickings between Leaf Blade and Tornado and Simisage, while frail making Excadrill a shaky fight, mauls the other two with Seed Bomb.

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