Overview Edit

Snowpoint Gym DP

Snowpoint Gym in Diamond/Pearl

Snowpoint Gym Pt

Snowpoint Gym in Platinum

Candice is the leader of the Snowpoint City Gym. She specializes in Ice-type Pokémon. In Diamond and Pearl, her team consists of: Snover at level 38 with Razor Leaf, Ice Shard, Leer and Ingrain, Sneasel also at level 38 with Feint Attack, Slash, Avalanche and Taunt. She also has a level 40 Medicham, which knows Force Palm, Bulk Up, Detect and Ice Punch as well as her ace, Abomasnow at level 42, carrying Wood Hammer, Swagger, GrassWhistle and Avalanche with a Sitrus Berry.

In Platinum, her team has seen a pretty noticeable overhaul, consisting of: Level 40 Sneasel with Ice Shard, Faint Attack, Slash and Aerial Ace and Abomasnow still at level 42 but with Focus Blast and Water Pulse over Swagger and GrassWhistle being returning members. New to Platinum are Piloswine at level 40 with Earthquake, Stone Edge, Avalanche and Hail and Froslass at level 44 with Blizzard, Shadow Ball, Psychic and... Double Team. It gains the Sitrus Berry once held by Abomasnow and has Snow Cloak as an ability.

Tips for Beating Candice Edit

  • Kill it with Fire:
    Spr DP Candice

    Candice's battle sprite in DPPt

    It's an Ice-type gym, therefore Infernape or any other Fire type packing a decent STAB move should effortlessly handle this gym. Just be careful of Piloswine as STAB Earthquake is not something you want to be messing with.
  • Bring ways to remove hail (particularly in Platinum): While chip damage is annoying in general in all versions of this fight, Froslass benefits from the perma-hail brought on by Abomasnow with 100% accurate Blizzards and having its evasion boosted by one stage. It also has Double Team to reduce the odds of you hitting it even further. Weather changers are good for slowing it down and moves like Feint Attack are a lifesaver, as are lots of X-accuracy.
  • Give her the bird: Ironically given the type disadvantage, Staraptor doesn't do too badly here in Diamond and Pearl. Fly slaughters Snover and Medicham, while Sneasel falls to Close Combat. Don't push your luck with Abomasnow however.

Good Pokémon to Use Edit

  • Any Fire Type: STAB super effective moves against everything in Platinum and 3/4's in Diamond and Pearl makes this type optimized for the gym.
  • Staraptor (DP only): Flying STAB shuts down most of her team with Close Combat handling those that don't instantly die to Fly.
  • Empoleon: With a double resistance to Ice and a neutrality to Grass, plus STAB SE Flash Cannon, the metallic emperor penguin is a solid answer to Candice, just watch out for EQ for Piloswine and Abomasnow's Focus Blast, and keep away from Medicham in the paired versions.