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Canalave Gym 1F DPPt

Canalave Gym Floor 1/DPPt

Canalave Gym 2F DPPt

Canalave Gym Floor 2/DPPt

Canalave Gym 3F DPPt

Canalave Gym Floor 3/DPPt

Canalave Gym 4F DPPt

Canalave Gym Floor 4/DPPt

Byron is the Gym Leader of the Canalave Gym. He uses Steel-types and loves holes, fossils and Dan Green.

In Diamond and Pearl, Byron has a Bronzor that is Level 36 and knows Flash Cannon, Extrasensory, Confuse Ray and Hypnosis, a Steelix that is Level 36 and knows Gyro Ball, DragonBreath, Ice Fang and Sandstorm; and a Level 39 Bastiodon that knows Flash Cannon, AncientPower, Iron Defense and Rest, holding a Chesto Berry. In Platinum, the Bronzor is replaced with a level 37 Magneton with Flash Cannon, Thunderbolt, Tri Attack and Metal Sound, the Steelix is now at level 38, running Flash Cannon, Ice Fang, Sandstorm and Earthquake while Bastiodon is at level 41 with a Sitrus Berry and the moves Metal Burst, Stone Edge, Taunt and Iron Defense.

Tips for Beating Byron Edit

  • Spr Pt Byron

    Byron's DPPt Sprite

    Bring a fully evolved Fire-type: While Bronzor may have been manageable for something like Ponyta to handle with Flamethrower or Fire Blast, everything else is simply too bulky to fall against weak Fire hits and all of his Platinum team has ways to do large amounts of damage against one of the ideal type choices here.
  • Water-types have it better in Diamond and Pearl, Fight to victory in Platinum: While Bastiodon and Steelix die quickly to either Surf or a generic Fighting move (read Close Combat/Cross Chop/Focus Blast), the lead Pokémon that he packs makes it a bad idea to lead with, say, Empoleon in Platinum or Machoke in Diamond and Pearl. The end result will be a Thunderbolt/Extrasensory to the face respectively.
  • Bastiodon is a damage sponge with a counter move, either whittle it down slowly or be sure to OHKO (Platinum Only): Metal Burst is the unholy hybrid of Counter and Mirror coat no Nuzlocker wanted. While it only returns 150% of the damage dealt on that turn, it covers both sides of the attacking spectrum. If you just miss out on an OHKO due to its stupidly high defenses, you can say goodbye to the Pokémon you have on the field.

Good Pokémon to Use Edit

  • Torterra: How to fight Byron: send out Torterra, hit Earthquake 3/4 times, win.
  • Infernape: STAB supereffective Close Combat and Flamethrower/Fire Blast off high mixed attack stats, what more needs to be said?
  • Empoleon: Access to Surf and the fact that the two Pokémon that remain constant between the paired versions and Platinum are weak to it makes Empoleon a fine option. Just stay away from Magneton as Thunderbolt will hurt. Also don't switch directly in on Steelix in Platinum, as it has Earthquake.
  • Lucario: If you're allowed to use the egg given by Riley at Iron Island, grind it to level 37. Aura Sphere will punch through his team in both fights and resistance or neutrality to everything but Steelix's Earthquake in Platinum makes this an easy fight.