Icirrus Gym BW

Icirrus Gym in B/W

Brycen is the Gym Leader of the Icirrus City Gym. He uses Ice-types.

In Pokémon Black/White, his team consists of a Level 37 Vanillish with Acid Armor, Astonish, Frost Breath and Mirror Shot, a Level 37 Cryogonal carrying Reflect, Rapid Spin, Aurora Beam and Frost Breath, and a Level 39 Beartic with Swagger, Brine, Slash and Icicle Crash. When defeated, he gives the Freeze Badge, TM79 Frost Breath, and 4680 Pokédollars.

Tips for beating Brycen:Edit

  • The game gives you Brick Break beforehand: Crygonal's a special tank, meaning that only the likes of Chandelure are going to OHKO it with a special attack. This means that it has a high chance of getting up a Reflect, which will make the already rather bulky Beartic even more resistant to physical hits. Brick Break not only prevents that from happening, shattering the screen and mauling Crygonal's terrible physical defense, but is also a solid (read: super-effective) move in general here.
  • Exploit one of his type's many weaknesses: By this point in the game, the odds of you not having a Rock, Fire, Fighting or Steel type are rather low. Apply aforementioned typed Pokémon here and go to town; just be careful around Beartic if you're using Excadrill.
  • None of his Pokémon can scratch a Water-type: On the off-chance you don't have a Pokémon capable of hitting Ice for super-effective damage, it should be noted that a sufficiently trained Samurott or Jellicent should be able to force its way through his Pokémon. Simipour and Basculin are a bit frail to try and take on Beartic, but the others are fresh pickings -- especially for the monkey, who can wield your new TM31 Brick Break.

Good Pokémon to use:Edit

  • Spr BW Brycen

    Brycen's Black/White sprite

    Fire-types: Pretty self-explanatory. Regardless if it's Emboar, Simisear, Darmanitan or Chandelure that provides the firepower for you, there is no reason for you to not utterly demolish his team if one of these is at your disposal.
  • Any other Pokémon that has super-effective STAB: Ice has a ton of weaknesses, allowing Pokémon like Gigalith, Crustle, Sawk/Throh, and Excadrill to completely demolish the entire gym by themselves. Just be cautious with Excadrill or Mienfoo, as neither will enjoy an Icicle Crash; they're both a bit frail.
  • Jellicent: While the Pokémon mentioned above are able to just annihilate the gym at a swift rate, the ghostly jellyfish hard walls everything but the pitifully weak Astonish that Vanillish has, allowing it to slowly grind down its foes with Scald/Will-O-Wisp and Hex.