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Overview Edit

Pewter Gym FRLG

Pewter Gym in FR/LG

Brock is the Gym Leader of the Pewter Gym. He uses Rock-types.

Brock has a Level 12 Geodude ♂ and a Level 14 Onix ♂. The Geodude knows Tackle and Defense Curl. The Onix knows Tackle, Bind, Harden, and Rock Tomb. Brock gives out the Boulder Badge, TM39 Rock Tomb, and 1400 Poké Dollars upon defeat.

Tips for beating Brock Edit

  • Brock FRLG

    Brock's FR/LG Sprite

    If you are not using Charmander, use your starter's specially-based move: Bubble/Water Gun for Squirtle and Vine Whip for Bulbasaur.  Geodude and Onix are both Rock/Ground types, so they are 4x weak to Water and Grass type moves. They will therefore be beaten easily by players who chose Squirtle or Bulbasaur.
  • However, both of Brock's Pokémon are resistant to Charmander's Fire-type STAB, and Onix carries Rock Tomb (which can easily kill even an overleveled Charmander in two or three rounds, or on a critical). For this reason, it is highly advised to avoid using Charmander unless absolutely necessary, and to overlevel otherwise. If forced to use Charmander, Metal Claw is a possible alternative to Ember. (More testing needed.)
  • While it may be tempting to use a Butterfree with Confusion to target Brock's Pokémon's low Special stats, Rock Tomb against Butterfree's 4x weakness spells certain death.
  • Use a Mankey with Low Kick. This move is of the Fighting-type, and will thus be super effective against Brock's Rock-types. Low Kick is particularly effective, as it reaches its full 120 Base Power against Onix.

Good Pokémon to Use Edit

  • Squirtle - Can destroy both Geodude and Onix with STAB Water-type attacks.
  • Bulbasaur - Can destroy both Geodude and Onix with STAB super-effective Vine Whip.
  • Mankey - Can destroy both Geodude and Onix with STAB super-effective Low Kick.