Please read this thoroughly. Follow these guidelines as best as possible whenever you write a page for this wiki.

  • Use proper grammar. This should be a given. No, your grammar probably isn't going to be perfect, but at least try to double-check your work to make sure that your spelling and grammar are as good as possible.
  • Capitalize the following: Pokémon names, moves, Natures (Adamant Nature, not adamant nature or Adamant nature), Ability/Abilities, types, game titles and abbreviations, area names, and trainer names. You may capitalize the word "level" when it is followed by a number (e.g. Level 36), but this is not mandatory; however, make sure that the capitalization of "level" is consistent throughout your analysis.
  • Do not capitalize the words "physical" or "special" unless you're referring to the Generation I Special stat.
  • Unless you're talking about sets of games (e.g. FR/LG), don't abbreviate. Stats should be written out: Attack, Defense, and Speed instead of Atk, Def, and Spe. It just helps make pages look cleaner and more professional. However, you may substitute "'mons" for "Pokémon". Just make sure you use the apostrophe ('mons, not mons).
  • G/S/C and GSC are both fine. This applies to all sets of games.
  • Write out generation names like this: Generation [Roman numeral]. Capitalize the word "generation", and make sure you use the appropriate Roman numeral. Generation VI, not generation 6.
  • Both British English and American English are fine.
  • Unless a Pokémon has a 100/0 gender ratio, please refer to it as "it", not "he" or "she". It's fine if you use "she" for Jynx or "he" for Hitmonlee, as they're always female or male, respectively, but for something like Jolteon or Clefable, which can be either female or male, please use "it".
  • If you can't figure how your page should be formatted, feel free to either consult the Resource pages or the original analysis upon which all other analyses are based.

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