Celadon city! Where you can shop to your hearts content, fight a gym leader and stop the mafia! But before you do all that you should go to the top of the Celadon Condominiums for a free Eevee.

Celadon Department Store ItemsEdit

Celadon Game CornerEdit

This is the place that you will have to go to if you want strong elemental TMs or rare pokemon. Normally you would have to play on the pokey machines until you have enough money to buy the nice things, but since you won't have to spend as much money on Pokeballs and Revives you can just buy the tokens. And if you talk to the people around the place they might just give you some tokens out of pity.

Game Corner ItemsEdit

C = Coins/tokens

Red: Abra (180C), Clefairy (500C), Nidorina (1200C), Dratini (2800), Scyther (5500C) and Porygon (9999C).

Blue: Abra (120C), Clefairy (750C), Nidorino (1200C), Pinsir (2500C), Dratini (4600C) and Porygon (6500C).

Yellow: Abra (230C), Vulpix (1000C), Wigglytuff (2680C), Scyther (6500C), Pinsir (6500) and Porygon (9999C).

Red, Blue and Yellow: Dragon Rage (3300C), Hyper Beam (5500C) and Substitute (7700C).

Firered: Abra (180C), Clefairy (500C), Dratini (2800C), Scyther (5500C) and Porygon (9999C)

Leafgreen: Abra (120C), Clefairy (750C), Pinsir (2500C), Dratini (4600C) and Porygon (6500C).

Firered and Leafgreen: Smoke Ball (800C), Miracle Seed (1000C), Charcoal (1000C), Mystic Water (1000C), Yellow Flute (1600C), Icebeam (4000C), Iron Tail (3500C), Thunderbolt (4000C), Shadow Ball (4500C) and Flamethrower (4000C).

Celadon GymEdit

Go to the Erika page for details about the Celadon Gym's leader, Erika (when the analysis gets completed)

Team Rocket HideoutEdit

A link will be posted here when that page is done.

Possible CatchesEdit


Red, Blue and Yellow: None.

Firered: Psyduck (99%) and Koffing (1%).

Leafgreen: Slowpoke (99%) and Koffing.


Red and Blue: Old Rod: Magikarp (100%).

Good Rod: Poliwag (50%) and Goldeen (50%).

Super Rod: Poliwhirl (50%) and Slowpoke (50%).

Yellow: Old Rod: Magikarp (100%).

Good Rod: Poliwag (50%) and Goldeen (50%).

Super Rod: Goldeen (100%).

Firered and Leafgreen: Old Rod and Good Rod: Magikarp (100%).

Super Rod: Magikarp (99%) and Grimer (1%).

Other Eevee (100%) in the Celadon Condominiums



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