Welcome to the template for a boss page. Boss pages aren't that complicated, compared to the ones for Pokémon, but it's still good to have a handy guide, just in case. Wikitext is not always our loyal ally.

As the boss pages don't require that much details, as opposed to the Pokémon page template, there's only one skeleton, with minor hints in the comments.

Empty template Edit

== Overview ==
[[File:(location)_(game).png|thumb|209x209px|(location) in (game)]]
<!--For example: Lavaridge_Gym_RSE.png|(...)|Lavaridge Gym in RSE-->
<!--For the games where the location changes its appearance (for example: Mossdeep Gym between
Ruby/Sapphire and Emerald) put both images. You can skip it if you don't want to bother,
they'll be added eventually.-->

(boss) is the Gym Leader of (location) Gym. He/she uses (?)-types.
(boss) is the (occupation). He/she uses (?)-types.

In (game) he/she uses (the team: level ?? '''species in bold''' with [moveset]).
<!--For Gym Leaders, additionally: the prize money, the badge, and the TM you get for winning-->

== Tips for beating (boss) ==
* [[File:(boss)_(game).png|thumb|64x64px|(boss)'s (game) Sprite]]'''(tip 1):''' (description of the tip)
* '''(tip 2):''' (description of the tip)
* '''(tip 3):''' (description of the tip)

== Good Pokémon to Use ==
* '''(species, if the page exists, [[link it]]''' - (why that one)

* '''(species, if the page exists, [[link it]]''' - (why that one)

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